Patricia Martz

M.Sc. Student

Patricia Martz is a part-time student working towards her MSc in Public Health Sciences - Health Policy Research within the School of Public Health, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, under the direction of Professors Menon and Stafinski.  Her undergraduate work was in Food Sciences and Nutrition (BSc.  1997), she is a Registered Dietitian, and has been employed with the Ministry of Health, Health Services Division, Public  Health and Wellness Branch as a Program Manager since 2005. Most recently she has taken on the role of leading the Wellness Equity component of Alberta’s Strategic Approach to Wellness. Her thesis research is focused on understanding the impact of “Let’s Talk Wellness”, a provincial engagement that is, in part, utilizing social media to reach Albertans. In particular, will these engagements influence Albertan’s views on wellness and increase social media content specific to wellness.  Patricia’s education and research is independent of her employment with the Government of Alberta.